Facilitator Page

Welcome, Georgia Project WET Facilitators!

Thank you for your continued support of Project WET. 

Guide Price: There is currently no fee for Georgia Project WET curriculum guides. The guides have been financed in part through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under provisions of Section 319 (h) of the Federal Clean Water Act of 1987, as amended. Georgia facilitators may charge up to $20 per workshop participant to cover expenses directly associated with a workshop. 

Schedule: Let us know your upcoming WET events and we will post them for you on our calendar page.

Workshop Proposals: Submit your workshop proposals using this link or on projectwetusa.org. See the ProjectWETUSA tutorial below if you are new to this process.

Online Evaluations: Use the workshop code you received when you registered on projectwetusa.org and encourage your participants to complete their evaluations online. Workshop participants can complete the evaluation using their smart phone or electronic device. Using the electronic evaluation will allow you to easily analyze data and capture participant information from your Project WET workshop. See instructions in the ProjectWETUSA tutorial below.