Becoming a Facilitator

Triple Facilitator Training 2019

Certified WET Educators can take their involvement to the next level by becoming a Project WET Facilitator. After completing an extensive, fun, and engaging 2-day Facilitator Workshop, Facilitators are given the tools and resources to lead Educator Workshops. Facilitators also pledge to hold at least one Educator Workshop each year. 

About Facilitator Workshops

Georgia Project WET Facilitator Workshops are held at least once per year and are led by the Georgia Project WET state coordinator, Monica Kilpatrick. They can also be scheduled upon request for a minimum of 12 participants. They are often combined with Projects WILD and Learning Tree for triple EE facilitator certification in one workshop! Contact us for more information.

Workshops are posted on our Calendar Page and on the EE in Georgia website. 

Advanced Project WET Workshops 

Georgia Project WET can also provide Facilitators with advanced workshops in water education. Training can provide access to additional curricula, use specific topics for implementation, or explore unique techniques for learning. Example topics for these workshops include STEM/STEAM, literature, specific grade levels, standard fulfilment, and more.

Please contact us for more details or with your own ideas about an advanced workshop from Project WET.