About Project WET

Project WET is Water Education Today!

Project WET is an international program whose mission is to bring water education to the world! We envision a world in which action-oriented education enables every child to understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future. We strive to promote awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources by creating and distributing classroom-ready teaching materials and conducting workshops for educators. 

What is Project WET?

It's a Program

designed for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students grounded in defined beliefs reflected in the curriculum and training techniques.

It's a Curriculum

of interdisciplinary activities developed, field-tested, and reviewed by educators and professionals and correlated to the current Education Standards.

It's an Instruction Network

offering Educator and Facilitator Workshops to provide teachers with hands-on experience teaching water education.

Our Core Beliefs

Water connects us all

Water is for ALL water users

Water must be managed sustainably

Water depends on personal responsibility and action