It's a Program--
designed for formal and non-formal educators of K-12 students grounded in defined beliefs reflected in the curriculum and training techniques.

It's a Curriculum--
of interdisciplinary activities developed, field-tested, and reviewed by educators and professionals and correlated to the current Georgia Education Standards.

And it's an Instruction and Delivery Network--
offering Educator Workshops and Facilitator Workshops.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Water connects us all. 
  • Water is for all water users. 
  • We must manage water sustainably. 
  • We need to take personal responsibility for water resources.

What else can I do with Project WET?

  • Connect to the PORTALaccess additional activity resources and information using the special code inside your GUIDE.
  • Connect to DISCOVER WATER:  use this free site with students to give them a fun and exciting way to better understand our water resources.
  • Connect to NATIONAL PROJECT WET visit the store, sign up for an online workshop, see what is happening with our global initiatives.