Bring the Magic of Water to your classroom! Each lesson is intended to introduce a Project WET activity and to get your students engaged in water resources.

The Magic of Water Material List

  1. Download this pdf file. Instruction Booklet - The booklet contains seven easy magic lessons to use with Project WET activities. Print out double-sided on legal sized paper, fold in half and staple into a booklet.
  2. Download this pdf file. Lesson 1 Cards - Print double-sided on cardstock, trim and laminate. Follow the instructions on the "7" card to assemble.
  3. Lesson 2 Cards - Print double-sided on cardstock with the blue cards on one side and the white cards on the other. Be careful to keep them in order! Check the order with the master list document. Trim and laminate. Instructions are on the "White Side" document. 
  4. Other materials you will need are listed below
    • Thumb tip
    • Sponge Balls - 2 blue and 4 of various other colors
    • Silk scarf
    • A regular deck of cards
    • 3 pieces of thin rope

Don't want to make your own?  Complete Magic of Water material kits are available for $10 each. Contact us